School of CPR is the lite version of our simulation experience, designed for Oculus Go. It is designed to provide an accessible tool of training, easy to carry and to use.



School of CPR is available for Oculus Go, a stand-alone virtual reality headset. This device doesn’t require additional components, such as a computer or a smartphone, in order to function, as it incorporates all the necessary technology in the headset itself.

This portable format provides an exceptional tool of training that can be used for large classes. The same scenarios recreated for VR CPR have been adapted to Oculus Go, and a quiz system is now integrated. The user will have to make the right choice in order to save the cardiac arrest victim, and a score will be provided at the end of the scenario.




Another essential aspect for virtual simulation is the photorealism of the 3D environments in which the user lives this experience. Human and location models and textures has been acquired through the photogrammetry process. Thousands of pictures has been taken and processed by dedicated tools, in order to recreate the virtual equivalent of real-life people’s and places in a faster and reliable way. 

In addition to the heart attack victims, each scene includes the presence of virtual characters that will support and interact with the user during his experience. Their animations have been recorded in motion capture, and then edited and polished to fit virtual models while maintaining realistic movements and behaviours. 

Our production flow and the currently existing software
can be easily adapted in order to include new scenarios,

a custom flow, or different human characters